When do you Snuzzle a Wuzzle

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Snuzzle a Wuzzle!

Books 8. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Tops hat downwards, nothing happens. He grows frustrated and sticks his hand inside the hat, trying to pull the wand out. Cut to Kayleigh, who is balancing a rainbow Cubit on his nose. He swallows the wand, the Cubit falls, and he starts to choke. Cut towards the curtains, the Murp is there, happily panting.

He then climbs up the curtain and onto the rafters. The other four follow, but then stop. The Murp appears on a rafter on the other side. Grabs the Cubit. He flies off. Murp, murp!

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He tilts his head back and launches the Rainbow on his head. It sticks automatically and pulls to Murp towards him.

He flies back towards the group. The most magical, magic trick EVER!

Snuzzle a Wuzzle!

I can do this! Waves wand over top hat, a gigantic puff of magic launches skyward, Astrin grows shocked. They scream, and are suddenly caught up inside the magic cloud, which explodes into a puff. Brighty and Hummy are un-mixed, along with Rambow and Novi. They, along with the remaining members of the Rainbow Rangers and Lovey-Doveys have fallen into a pyramid-shape. Astrin is sitting on the ground in shock, while Kayleigh stands by.


Gives a single clap that echoes. Jumps up. Runs after the others [Cut to another part of the park. How are we gonna get over there? Any fellow toy collectors out there who masquerade as teachers by day? What grade and subject do you teach? And closing out this day of "sporty Saturday" posts is Bumblelion, the sportiest of all the Wuzzles! Trying some cutouts today since I had the day off to experiment.

Printed out some Wuzzles. I may turn them into magnets or stickers for sale soon. An awesome UK Wuzzles box has arrived from minniemousenurse thank you!!

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Stay tuned! The book is also boxed within the box.


Anyone know anything about this? Got my first carded Wuzzles figure! This one from the UK courtesy of minniemousenurse Only 5 more to go and then all the language package variants from other countries.

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Say no more! Bumblelion is my fave Wuzzle of all, and thanks to thewuzzeum for letting me color this pic of a coloring book from their collection, go check them if you like The Wuzzles! UK Wuzzles Activity Book unused! A strange mixture of concept art, standard licensing art, and original art, it also heavily features the Wuzzle cousins. Emerson piece tray puzzle.

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Still need that Butterbear Wuzzles UK Comic no date, other than copyright sent over from minniemousenurse. My favorite part of this is the Gummi Bears getting second billing. The end of summer might be better spent inside the Wuzzles tent.

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My box is sealed. This is my favorite catalog in my collection. There are some products here I would love to own and definitely want to track down those store displays. Interestingly, this catalog was originally sent to a place less than 5 miles from where I live.