Waste Management - An Integrated Vision

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An effective ISWM system considers how to prevent, recycle, and manage solid waste in ways that most effectively protect human health and the environment. ISWM involves evaluating local needs and conditions, and then selecting and combining the most appropriate material management activities for those conditions.

The discussions also led to proposals for two definitive tools that could assist local governments in improving their materials management operations. The Introduction described above discusses many forms that can be useful in documenting the information regarding costs and revenues relevant to ISWM systems.

Waste Management

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Alabama Recycling Partnership. Tours Golf and Monday Reception. Exhibit Hall. In Kosovo, there are still remains of old municipality damp sites, constructed regional sanitary landfills as well as illegal waste disposal sites. There are also industrial waste disposal sites, agricultural waste and demolition wastes, too. This study aims at the evaluation of the waste generation and characteristics of waste in Kosovo based on the published information.

1. Introduction

The combination of methods was used to present the solid waste management for the surface water quality protection. Existing data on waste in Kosovo and the data collected from the literature review will be the basis for this research. Followed by the generated waste projection, the impacts of the landfills on the surface water quality will be analyzed. Based on the data presented, measures for the protection of surface waters and the use of best management techniques to minimize solid waste impacts were presented.

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Waste Management Journal. HOLT, M. Food and Chemical Toxicology.

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An International Journal, 38 1. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 7: Water Quality Issues in Developing Countries.

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Agricultural Engineering, 36 6. Waste Management Journal, Series 2: Agriculture and Environment Series. Kosovo Agency of Statistics.