The Classic American Short Story Megabuck, Volume 1: 34 of the Greatest Stories Ever Written

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As Billy and the older men ride, Texas is emerging into a new age around them. A new social structure is taking hold, the old ways of life are dying, and the future is uncertain. He lives on the family ranch in Central Texas with his partner, Cathy, along with two cats and a dog. The land has been in his family for generations, and the original deed to the property is in his possession.

McNeal is also a songwriter who has been a student of Texas and local history for many years.

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Plum Creek is his first novel. These essays on food and philosophy were written over several decades. Not only philosophers and historians but individuals who have an ongoing interest in food should relish them. The essays cover wide-ranging topics that include genetically modified organisms, chocolate and its world, food as art, the pornography of food, and the five flavors of Chinese cuisine.

In addition, there are several chapters that deal with the refinement of erudite professional cuisine from popular regional cuisine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe. One chapter stands alone as an analysis of the Native American cultural foundations of maize. The book opens with an essay on the philosophy of food history that addresses three fundamental problems: the duplication of sensations and taste, the understanding of recipes from other historical periods, and the sorts of judgments that are included or excluded in a historical narrative.

I. Introduction

The book ends with an exposition of R. He has taught wine appreciation classes and served many years on a Dallas-Fort Worth wine panel. For a decade he headed a barbecue team that traveled across Texas and New Mexico. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Stroll around the idyllic campus, cheer on Horned Frog sports teams, celebrate graduation, and embark on more TCU journeys with these illustrations waiting to be brought to life with color. From Super Frog to Amon G. Carter Stadium, these illustrations will inspire the artist inside every Horned Frog. Varying in complexity, this coloring book appeals to the youngest and the oldest Horned Frogs alike.

Young Readers. This is just one accolade in his distinguished writing career. He was a member of the literature advisory panel for the Texas Commission on the Arts from to A master of the story and the subtle rhythm of the line, this prolific poet has had more than 2, poems published in journals and his twenty-two collections. From these collections, this book is born. These poems move readers on an elemental level—full of the hardscrabble of everyday life, yet infused with pure faith, reminding the reader that our lot is not easy in this world, but it is nothing less than glorious.

A man either chases his dreams, or he dies. He remembers stove-up old men telling of cattle drives and stampedes and shallow graves in lonesome country with few fences. At a dollar a day, none of them died rich, but for a cowboy who knew no other way to live, maybe it was a fair trade. Society has pushed Charlie toward a conformity that he hates, but he is about to change the rules. Walking up to an illegal alien at a remote line shack in West Texas, he steals a horse, leaving a perfectly good pickup behind. An award-winning former reporter, he holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the University of Texas.

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A ragtime pianist and backpack enthusiast, Dearen lives in Midland, Texas, with his wife Mary. Western Fiction. What do diverse events such as the integration of the University of Mississippi, the federal trials of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, the confrontation at Ruby Ridge, and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have in common? The U. Marshals were instrumental in all of them. Whether pursuing dangerous felons in each of the 94 judicial districts or extraditing them from other countries; protecting federal judges, prosecutors, and witnesses from threats; transporting and maintaining prisoners and detainees; or administering the sale of assets obtained from criminal activity, the U.

Marshals Service has adapted and overcome a mountain of barriers since their founding on September 24, as the oldest federal law enforcement organization.

In Forging the Star, historian David S. From the inside, he allows a look within the storied organization. The research and writing of this singular account took over a decade, drawn from fresh primary source material with interviews from active or retired management, deputy U. Forging the Star is a comprehensive official history that will answer many questions about this legendary agency.

He serves on the U. Turk is the author of five books, including one relating to the outlaw Billy the Kid, Blackwater Draw. He lives in Woodbridge, Virginia. Turk advances our understanding of the U. Marshals Service into the modern era, heretofore a time generally overlooked, and he does it admirably. Criminal Justice. American History. Mitchel P. Roth portrays the Texas Prison Rodeo against a backdrop of Texas history, covering the history of rodeo, the prison system, and convict leasing, as well as important figures in Texas penology including Marshall Lee Simmons, O.

Ellis, and George J. Beto, and the changing prison demimonde. Readers will be treated to stories about numerous American and Texas folk heroes, including Western film stars ranging from Tom Mix to John Wayne, and music legends such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Through extensive archival research Roth introduces readers to the convict cowboys in both the rodeo arena and behind prison walls, giving voice to a legion of previously forgotten inmate cowboys who risked life and limb for a few dollars and the applause of free-world crowds. He resides in The Woodlands, Texas.

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Professor Roth finally wrote the book that those interested in the history of Texas generally, and the Texas prison system in specific, have wanted for years. Kearney, Bill Stein, and James Smallwood. Two family names have come to be associated with the violence that plagued Colorado County, Texas, for decades after the end of the Civil War: the Townsends and the Staffords. Both prominent families amassed wealth and achieved status, but it was their resolve to hold on to both, by whatever means necessary, including extra-legal means, that sparked the feud.

No Hope for Heaven, No Fear of Hell concentrates on those individual acts of private justice associated with the Stafford and Townsend families. It began with an shootout in Columbus, followed by the deaths of the Stafford brothers in The second phase blossomed after with the assassination of Larkin Hope, and concluded in with the violent deaths of Marion Hope, Jim Townsend, and Will Clements, all in the space of one month.

Southern History. I am enormously impressed by this project. There is high drama, tragedy, strong characters, conflict between families, vengeance, and a series of vicious shootouts over a lengthy period of years. Topics may include city and county histories, events that occurred in a specific region of Texas, or biographies of Texans keyed to a specific area of Texas.

Contextualizing the specific regional history to the wider history of Texas is strongly encouraged.

About this book

Titles are intended to appeal to both Texas historians and nonspecialist readers. The Byrd Williams Collection at the University of North Texas contains more than 10, prints and , negatives, accumulated by four generations of Texas photographers, all named Byrd Moore Williams. In some cases these photos are the only evidence remaining that someone lived and breathed on this earth.

This book is an unprecedented portrait of both photographic history and the history of Texas, as well as a record of one unique family. BYRD M. The primary audience for this book will be photographers, historians, genealogists, and those who seriously study the human condition.

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Rufus Lovett, photographer, Kilgore Rangerettes. The stories in The Expense of a View explore the psyches of characters under extreme duress. In the title story, a woman who has moved across the country in an attempt to leave her past behind dumps an empty suitcase into the Columbia River over and over again.

Most of the characters are displaced and disturbed; they suffer from dissociative disorders, denial, and delusions. The settings— Florida, eastern Washington, Seattle, and the Oregon coast— mirror their lunacies. She lives in Spokane. The Expense of a View is a carefully rendered examination of memory, loss, and sadness. The emotional reality of the characters is riveting and stayed with me long after finishing each story.

These are the people we see every day, strangers suffering, ones we are too busy to worry about, that we ignore.

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The stories in The Expense of a View are reminders that everyone is important. Her short fiction is brutal, beautiful, and imbued with the thrilling tension of connection and isolation. Collection of Short Fiction. Women in Civil War Texas is the first book dedicated to the unique experiences of Texas women during this time. What constitutes a Texas identity and how may such change over time? What myths, memories, and fallacies contribute to making a Texas identity? Are all the myths and memories that define Texas identity true or are some of them fallacious?

Is there more than one Texas identity? Finally, two essays examine the problem of refugee women in east Texas and the dangers facing western frontier women. It fills a needed gap in the story of Civil War Texas. Bailey, coeditor of Civil War Arkansas.

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The discussion begins with the idealized narrative and icons revolving around the Texas Revolution. The Texas Rangers in myth and memory are also explored.

Other essays expand on traditional and increasingly outdated interpretations of the AngloAmerican myth of Texas by considering little known roles played by women, racial minorities, and specific stereotypes such as the cattleman. Buenger, co-editor of Beyond Texas through Time. Bryan, Jr.