Tainted: How Philosophy of Science Can Expose Bad Science

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From our viewpoint we can see that they are refusing to consider explanations which match the data better and better as time progresses, while their original hypothesis has needed ever more rickety props to maintain it. Unfortunately, because AGW science has a strong political dimension, many of the AGW supporters are holding their positions for political reasons, and there is no requirement for politicians to consider where they might be wrong. Indeed, politics is the art of ruling, and it values attributes such as loyalty — the ability to die in the ditch for a cause you believe to be right.

Evolutionists' Certainty Comes from Metaphysics, Not Science | Evolution News

Which is, of course, what we are seeing right now amongst the political leaders of the AGW belief…. What difference would it make anyway? Another EO rolls out and another period in the courts, maybe years. They never give up. Not much is going to change until there is strong political will for change. Your president seems to have a penchant for having hand puppets gesticulating on his behalf whatever he does. He and his ilk are the source of the problem. Thus endeth my little rant.

Is this quite apt? This is all essentially premeditated: doing research purposefully, seeking to verify the validity of the theory. But to follow scientific method rigorously the theory and research must be properly documented, all data and methods published to allow reproducibility and a null hypothesis stated when the theory is accepted to have failed. But surely the Court does have power to ensure that the scientific method is rigorously applied, before any executive act is taken in reliance on a controversial theory.

Unclear: are there verbs missing?

Philosophy of Science with Hilary Putnam

The real issue has always been corruption. We live in a corrupt age. Climate science is just a focus of the corruption. But not really surprising when you get right down to it. I remember the old LA Law.

Stuart Markowitz was the geek of the show. And yes, he was a tax lawyer. The only one that appeared to be solely logical, while the rest of the partners were almost solely emotional. The science will ultimately only be settled by time.

Tainted - Exposing Bad Science, Practicing Philosophy of Science

Many in life are followers. This holds in science as well. They will not stick their necks out for fear of having them chopped off. So they will bide their time and stick with the majority. As warming fails to hold with CO2 levels, the consensus will slowly shift as will the majority. At some point the line in the sand will be crossed, and a new theory gain prominence. Same words but a very different meaning. Funny thing language, but beware politicians use this to say one thing and give the impression that they have said something else. English is chock-full of ambiguous structures and ways of saying things.

Read Empson. Other languages can be much more precise — Latin, for instance. The Romans were anal about tenses — indeed, most grammatical structures…. As I said before , you could on examining the EPAs witnesses, ask them what would happen if they were hugely successful and CO2 were reduced to significantly below ppm or to zero.

You could also ask what would happen to crop yields if CO2 fell significantly. Perhaps they could ask the witnesses what would happen if CO2 returned to preindustrial, given that was the little ice age then ask them what sort of mortality happened in the LIA. Then they should also ask, what is the best level of CO2 for life, what is the optimal temperature, followed by how do you know that. Legally speaking, I dont think you could declare CO2 to be pullution until it it is causing more than 2 degrees of warming, and you can demonstrate actual harm.

IPCC science shows near term benefits from warming not harm. They should concentrate on the dangers of reducing CO2 crop yields and land fertility The dangers of cooling climate due to lower CO2 and the subsequent effects on the landowners in the USA and their constitutional right to life, liberty and justice. Convert it to a constitutional do no harm argument and show reducing either CO2 or temperature causes harm.

This is not a hard argument, an ice age is not seen as a utopia, even by supreme court judges. Dodgy Geezer The difference between science and pseudo-science is that science has an IDEA and looks at data for the truth. DavidCobb The difference between science and pseudo-science is that science has an IDEA and looks at data for the truth.

Hmm… that definition seems to say that scientists who believe fervently in their hypothesis are practicing pseudo-science. Yet the history of science, from Roger Bacon onwards, is full of researchers who fought passionately for their cause while the data were still poor — Wegener, for example. They lie about the reason and run for cover. The court rules on the law. It is a legal matter for how the science is acted upon discussion periods followed, authority to implement, etc.

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Chevron deference has answered that question. I like the states chances. Did Anthony write that article? About science and the Courts.

Systematic Reductionism: A Comprehensive Explanation

The Courts seem to deal with the science at it pleases them. Venning claimed the HIgh Court was not competent to rule on questions of science. His bizarre decision was probably more to do with him not wanting to jeopardise his business interest with his forest company Tahacopa registered under the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme to sell carbon credits for profit a blatant conflict of interest that should have excluded him from hearing the case in the first place.

Science works the same way as the law. Ask the fervent believers in phlogiston. Human nature has not changed, the greeks coined the label Kleptocracy, in the same period they gave us democracy. This is the nature of the bureaus, the blatant dishonesty of the EPA, the backdoor law fare, is evidence they have existed well past their best before date.

There is nothing more destructive in a free society, that a bureaucracy without a purpose. The rest button needs pushed, system failure is well underway. Reboot or crash. Congress must act, as taxed enough already is morphing to enough already. But the courts must remain silent. People looking to the federal courts for a solution to out of control bureaucracy need to recognize that the courts are a very large part of the problem, being pretty much out of control themselves.

Challenging Pseudo-Skepticism, Institutional Propaganda and Cultivated Ignorance

That is the point of the case to be argued in February. By definition, the court cannot remain silent. Science HAS to be done by humans. One human might accept one thing as evidence, another may not. The key point about science, and the differentiator between it and other human decision-making processes, like law, is its predictive ability.

I make a prediction based on that belief, supported by evidence. And that is where I would have a problem. Who wrote this posting? Fixed now.


Folks: I see a snow balls chance of the EPA being reigned in. The first female president of 3 professional scientific associations, she has had her scientific research on quantitative risk assessment in radiobiology, biostatistics, and energy modeling funded for 27 years by the US National Science Foundation. Author of more than articles and 16 books, including Taking Action, Saving Lives , Oxford University , she writes for both scientific and medical journals. Her books and articles have been translated into 13 languages and also appear in popular newspapers and magazines.

In , she was named one of 12 "Heroes for the US and the World" because of her pro-bono environmental-justice EJ work with minority and poor communities. Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. This is the first book on practical philosophy of science and how to practically evaluate scientific findings that have life-and-death consequences.

Showing how to uncover scores of scientific flaws typically used by special interests who try to justify their deadly pollution this book aims to liberate the many potential victims of environmentally-induced disease and death. Bennett, Arnold - Literary Taste.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada et al. Your philosophy played a someone that this role could quite understand. In The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology. Seisa no Kagaku: the of contrib Plantations.