Recycling and Redesigning Logos: A Designers Guide to Refreshing & Rethinking Design

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I literally and figuratively sit between the visual design team and the other developers. But I work for a company of Enough to have your specialties but still wear many hats. On top of all of that I also handle a variety of print-related design. Same here. I think that it could fit well with your print and web customers. Michelle: Why you need to be so specific?

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The publisher and I have yet to figure out what it should be called. Hi Rob, I can totally relate. My daily tasks varied from posting news releases, sending out internal newsletters and such , running web metrics as per request, updating web content, creating simple banners; cropping images. I even created small team sites in Sharepoint. At the moment I am using Web Designer. Thanks for posting!

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  4. This also means that you automatically inherit the knowledge of being able to program in JavaScript, and not just a few jQuery functions, no, hard-core JavaScript. Keep in mind that a Web Designer is more a designer that develops rather than a web developer that sometimes designs.

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    You can, however, become good a both. Junior usually just means a lower pay grade with the same basic responsibilities. I work in the UK and the inference to me was that it may be illegal. Fortunately, in many cases, these postings are just wish lists, and companies are willing to hire below the stated requirements, but it is still misleading, and can be very disheartening for truly junior people trying to break into the industry after school or after some self-education there are lots of people in this situation.

    I am okay with Junior and Senior as terms- here in America, it connotates levels of schooling Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior in both high school and college levels.

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    On a related note- I recently went through 6 months of aggressive job hunting, and tried out all sorts of job titles to describe what I did and wanted to be doing. As for a developer I feel the scope of that is very specific to the project. I would have never called myself an engineer had the organization I work for not given that overarching title to my position. Are you designing a bridge? You need to know about signage, road surfaces, size and weight of cars and trucks, and so on — the user interface for the users of the bridge.

    Web designer? Full Stack Developer is perfect. Some people argue that too much diversification is not really good, because there is a lost of focus on the main strenght. Database administrators more specific than DevOps, who handle entire infrastructure , QA engineers. I feel like I see interactive creative director or in a more traditional agency just creative director.

    Great article! I think you might be missing one that is common in a lot of high end jobs: Software Engineer.

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    Some even consider the front end in that description- but it seems to normally be tied to backend. In the case of Facebook, a UX designer working for them might be working on a web project, but also assisting on an Android app. I had a discuss on it last year with a dev:. Webmasters became specialists and evolved to these many job titles. You are basically a Front-end Developer. I think Web Hybrid is a horrible title. To me, webmasters deal more with Website Content and Website Maintenance. If you have someone who knows basic HTML, they can work within content management systems or flat file websites to make website content updates, or work on populating a website initially.

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    However, if you are working at a small company then you have to wear multiple hats and may find yourself doing that job. Now there is a reason not to :-D. QA is definitely a legit job. I think QA is more common. I also do some minor front-end dev work, but mostly touch ups and CSS fixes. NET Developer, etc. If you want some software written properly you need a Software Engineer. If you want to write good code you need a Software Engineering mindset.

    If you are writing good JavaScript code for a website you are building up Software Engineering skills that can easily be transferred to other languages and other domains.

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    What about Quality Assurance? A person which makes sure that everything is working as excepted, code analysis, code review, a person that has deep knowledge of how do things in such way that it can be tested …?

    I work for a large organization and in order to keep salary bands and divisions and departments and blah blah blah all in line, there are a number of job titles that are fairly generic. I would imagine this could be true for many larger organizations that have their own in-house IT shops.

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    For example, my official job title as far as the organization is concerned is Application Engineer. In my department, we go by Web Designers, and a group of us are Senior Web Designers holding a few more responsibilities or expertise. The one thing that I do see as a potential problem is when the organization decides to hire new employees, and in the job ad they use Application Engineer. However, anyone actually doing their homework while searching for a job will read the full job description to see that, yes, this job actually requires skills with HTML, CSS, Javascript as apposed to Java, Ruby, or Python.

    It might be solved by considering what to call hybrid jobs at all.

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    Surely there are Design Directors who code and the like. Perhaps you just get both titles. I wonder about these hybrid job titles myself. I have, so far, only worked at small companies and end up playing lots of different roles. No idea what to actually put when I look to explain my role at the company. I slice PSDs, as well as code from scratch in the browser. I am currently working in Front End Development only, but have worked in Design and want to find a hybrid that uses both. Anyone actually put that on a resume or job application? Seems like I actually heard of someone looking to hire a ninja once.

    I have never used these terms, but have also seem it used in a number of job ads from recruiters. How about us email specialists? Those pros are practically mythical. They exist but are treasured by those who employ them. I will refrain from using ninja, rockstar or unicorn in any future recruiting. But if you know any of those folks in Milwaukee, sent them my way. It sounds silly to me.

    SEO specialist or consultant is much preferred.