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Visual Studio 2010 tutorial: Getting started -

In addition, an all-new Test Professional Edition was added to the product lineup. Visual Studio consists of the following editions:. For more information about Visual Studio editions, including prices and feature sets, see Table 1.

You can find even more detailed information about the features available in different versions of Visual Studio at www. On a more subtle level the fonts are clearer and crisper. In addition, you can zoom in on parts of the interface, and you can add interface extensions from the Visual Studio Gallery at visualstudiogallery. The new IDE also sports several improved workability enhancements.

For example, in Figure 2 you can see the improved highlight bar on the left side of the editing window that graphically shows the lines of code that have been changed. Visual Studio also has a new bracket matching feature. Positioning the cursor next to a code bracket automatically highlights the matching bracket. IntelliSense in Visual Studio supports two modes: statement completion and the new suggestion mode.

Another important enhancement in the Visual Studio interface is its multiple monitor support. Previous versions of Visual Studio used a multiple-document interface MDI layout, in which all child windows were displayed with the frame of the parent IDE window. In addition, Visual Studio remembers the window layout you were using, so you can have one set of windows for development and a different window layout for debugging. Visual Studio includes several other enhancements. A new Navigate To search feature in the toolbar lets you quickly search and identify strings across all the files in your project.

If you enter a search string and press Enter, all the occurrences of the substring are highlighted in your code. In addition, IntelliSense was added for JQuery. The new Windows Presentation Foundation screen definitely looks cool, but I found the editing experience to be a bit slower and less crisp than in previous versions of Visual Studio.

Although you can use previous versions of Visual Studio to develop SharePoint applications, the process is far from easy. Visual Studio provides SharePoint —specific project templates that simplify SharePoint application development. Visual Studio also provides the ability to debug SharePoint projects. In addition, you can now deploy SharePoint projects directly to SharePoint rather than having to use the old command-line Stsadm tool. To make development a bit easier, SharePoint can now run on Windows 7, which lets you run Visual Studio and SharePoint on the same box.

Finally, Visual Studio has a Feature Designer that lets you create SharePoint features and a Package Explorer that gives you a graphical view of what will be deployed. One overdue feature in Visual Studio is support for drag-and-drop data binding for Windows Presentation Foundation applications. Visual Studio lets you drag data sets, entity data models, Windows Communication Foundation services, XML web services, SharePoint objects, and custom business objects onto data objects in Windows Presentation Foundation Designer.

Likewise, Visual Studio also supports drag-and-drop data binding for Silverlight applications.

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The Entity Framework 4 supports building data object models using either a data-first design, in which the data object framework is created from an existing database, or using the new model-first approach. Many of the relational database tools that used to be found in the now defunct Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals have found their way into other members of the Visual Studio family. A useful new debugging feature is the ability to search for, label, and group breakpoints.

You can use the tear-off breakpoint window to group together and label a set of related breakpoints. You can later search for these breakpoint labels, as well as enable and disable them as a group. Visual Studio also lets you export and import breakpoints via XML files, which lets you share sets of breakpoints with other developers. Another useful new feature is the ability to pin DataTips in the debugger.

This action causes the DataTip to always display in the debugging window. The most important new debugging feature in Visual Studio is undoubtedly IntelliTrace. This feature lets you record the execution of a. NET application and then later replay it. In beta versions, IntelliTrace was referred to as Historical Debugging. All the IntelliTrace information is recorded automatically. IntelliTrace works with VB and C applications that were built with the.

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NET Framework 2. Clicking an event expands the description and reveals detailed information about the event. IntelliTrace is enabled by default for IntelliTrace events only; to capture all call information, select Debug, Options and Settings, IntelliTrace, then click the General tab. However, with my satellite connection, not only do I have a relatively slow connection, but I am extremely limited on the total number of bytes that I can download in a day.

What is Visual Studio .NET? - Definition from Techopedia

With the notable exception of downloads between 3 AM and 7 AM the so-called "download hours" which don't count against the total. To take advantage of the download hours, Hughesnet provides a utility that captures browser download activities and reschedules them for 3 AM. Fortunately, I could still use Firefox, where my utility was still able to capture the download and reschedule. So when Visual Studio was released yesterday, like all good fanboys I was looking forward to getting my subscriber's copy. But I can't download it, and when I asked Soma when it would be mailed to subscribers, I was told I had to wait until June for the next quarterly release.

I'm wondering if, in the future, you might speak up for the plight of the bandwidth-challenged when you entice us with your new tools. For example, some way I can bypass the download management and get directly to the URL of the file I want to download?

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Or, some way to send major releases of key tools like VS other than on the quarterly schedule? In fact, if its really true that most people prefer download over media, why not only send media when someone requests a particular tool or platform but be prepared to send it quickly, rather than in three months.

MSDN might find this method to be cheaper than the mass mailings, and certainly greener. I know this isn't your responsibility, but thanks for listening. Brian Barker. Hi Scott, Thanks for the update. Thanks again. Just a thought. I lost pretty much the whole day. I'm digging around and doing my best to get you all the answers you need.

All the Web Installers are trials by default by design but your product keys will be up on MSDN in a few hours and you can just activate them. I think it could have been a lot clearer in the text and they're working to fix that. Keith - Don't uninstall it, you just need to activate it. Brian, I believe you can get at the download URLs directly from the top link on my blog here, and then use a tool like GetRight to do a long download with resume support.

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Let me know if that helps. Try clearing your browser cache? Ravida - The most complete list of.

Professional Visual Basic 2010 and .NET 4

Richard - Yes, the conversion wizard needs writable files, so you'd need stuff checked out. On the garbled thing, that sounds like a video driver thing. Try going to Tools Options and turning off Hardware Acceleration of graphics. If that clears it up, perhaps upgrade your video drivers, or just run without acceleration.