Philosophical Transactions. Alphabetic index 1781-1820

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Third Series. Conducted by P. Selby, Ch. Gray, Arth. Henfrey, and Rich. By Thorn. London, Baldwin, — The Annals of Philosophy. New Ser. Lon don, Baldwin and Joy, — By Alex. Tilloch von Bd. Gl an: and Rich. By Rich. Ta y I or and Rich. New and united Series ot the Philos. June Conducted by Dav. Brewster, Rich.

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Taylor, Rich. Phillips and von Bd. XVII an: Rob. XIX noch Edw. Br ay ley. New and united Series of the Philos.

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London, Loogmans, — Francis und von Bd. VII an: John Tyndall.

Philosophical Transactions. Alphabetic index 1781-1820

London, Longmans, Edited by Rich. I —IV. Natural History. Edited by Artli. Henfrey and Thorn. Natural Philosophy. Edited by J. Fraac is. Misce I la ny, the zoological, bv J. With 4 pi. Naturalist, the, by Neville Wood etc. Naturalist, The; a popular monthly magazine, illustrative of the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms. With engravings. London, Groombridge and Sons. Natural History Review, The. A quarterly journal, including the transactions of the Belfast natural history and philosophical Society, Cork Cuvierian Society, Dublin natural history Society, Dublin University zoological Association, and the Literary and Scientific Institution of Kilkenny, as authorised by the councils of these Societies for the sessions — Dublin, Hodges and Smith London, S.

Highley , VIM, pag. Natural History Review, the; published quarterly: including the proceedings of the Irish natural history Societies for the sessions — With Woodcuts and lithographic illustrations. London, Sam. Highley, VII, ,32, pag. London, Williams and Norgate,.

Notices of various periodicals and Transactions of Societies relating to natural History, for — Proceedings of the Dublin natural history Society and the Dublin University zoological Association , for the sessions — Journal of the Geological Socit-tv of Dublin. Session — VII dieses letztern Journals. Mit 7 Taf. Conducled by Alex. Hal i day, Will. Harvey, S.

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Haughton, and others. With woodcuts and lithographic illustrations. London, Williams and Norgate, Mit den Separattiteln: The Natur hist. Reviews of works on Natural History. Notices of Various Periodicals and Transactions of Societies relating to natural History, for —57 with a lithogr. Wit 22 lith.

The same and Quarterly Journal of Science. Conducted by the same,. VI, pag. Ball's Portr. Mil 23 Taf. Zoologist, The: a popular monthly magazine of natural history, and journal for recording. Second Series.

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London, Joba. Mil 0 Taf.

Ohne Taf. Mil 3 Taf. Mil 1 Taf. Mil 1 Port. Physikalische und philosophische Abhandlungen der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Psychologen; aus den Schriften. Account Options Sign in. Page images.

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Royal Society of London. Trans, from to Leipzig, — Reports of the council and auditors of the Zoological Society of London, read at annual general Meeting. Taylor, Rob.