Nanovision: engineering the future

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He got the winners a show at Finland's Espacio Kubiko Gallery. A meatier discussion of nanoscale images seems to have gone down last month at the University of South Carolina, in a workshop entitled, " Images of the Nanoscale: From Creation to Consumption. View Comments.

Colin Milburn

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Nanovision: Engineering the Future

Author: Colin Milburn. Milburn illuminates the practices of nanotechnology by examining an enormous range of cultural artifacts, including scientific research articles, engineering textbooks, laboratory images, popular science writings, novels, comic books, and blockbuster films.

In so doing, he reveals connections between the technologies of visualization that have helped inaugurate nano research, such as the scanning tunneling microscope, and the prescient writings of Robert A. Heinlein, James Blish, and Theodore Sturgeon.

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Whether in high-tech laboratories or science fiction stories, nanovision deconstructs the human subject and galvanizes the invention of a posthuman future. Nanovision should be extremely valuable to any scholars researching the relationship between sf and scientific discourse, while also proving useful to those researchers whose work touches upon media representations of science and technology, including media representations in both the research field and popular culture.

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Nanovision would also be a worthwhile addition to any library with a focus upon science and technology studies. The book will be a stimulating read for those in visual culture, sociology, and science and technology studies interested in considering the social and cultural effects of nanotechnology. This book is the best account there is of those ideas and words. Perhaps reality is stranger than fiction.

Nanovision: Engineering the Future

Nanovision is exhaustively researched and carefully argued. This divide features as linking narrative arc in Nanovision , mirroring similar divisions and concerns in the wider world over past, present, and future technologies.

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Milburn has made a reasonable attempt to bridge this divide via his conceptualisation of 'nanovision'. Spiraling out from this central insight, Nanovision explores the cultural and social implications of nanotechnology through a wide range of material-semiotic-discursive effects.

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Witty, incisive, and insightful, Nanovision is essential reading for anyone interested in where we are now and where we might be headed. Katherine Hayles, Duke University. This wonderful book spectacularly clarifies matters, providing the new field with its history and with a paradigm that allows us to judge its present situation and whatever future may emerge.

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