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Because this is an Ottolenghi book, the salads are also insanely tasty. To wit: the one made with oranges, pomelo fruit and bitter greens, and dressed with a salsa of toasted almonds, candied ginger, sherry vinegar and coriander seeds. The deep-fried soft-shell crabs are another knockout, served with cinnamon pickled cucumber and an extraordinarily complex miso and peppercorn sauce.


But these are highlights from a cookbook that's otherwise woefully short of them. For all its new-Malaysian promise, Nopi is remarkable more for the amount of filler it contains. The world didn't need another recipe for potato and celery root gratin or for baby carrots tossed in truffle oil vinaigrette. It didn't need a sweet potato pancakes rendition that looks exciting but comes out depressingly flat-tasting on the plate.

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A lot of Nopi 's Malaysian touches are only that — minor touches. Adding star anise to the sugar on French toast doesn't make the French toast Malaysian somehow, and in any case how's that different from what fusion pioneer Jean-Georges Vongerichten began doing in the s? Where Ottolenghi's signature until now has been big, beautiful, in-your-face flavours, Nopi reads too often as a sanitized and tentative take on Malaysian food.

It's a botched opportunity and uncharacteristically safe. That's the last thing a good cookbook should be. As such, the food is richly hybrid-ethnic, with each dish telling its history of hundreds of years of religious passage, migration and trade. Today's Malaysian food has noticeable influences from India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and China; sprinklings of Arab, Portuguese and Dutch traditions can be also tasted in the country's flavourful spectrum.

One of the world's most complex cuisines, Malaysian food is all about the dance of heat and flavours over an astonishing variety of textures. These four Toronto-area restaurants offer delicious introductions to the cuisine.

The fiery cousin to pho and ramen, laksa is a soup for which rice noodles are cooked in a fish broth with tamarind paste and coconut milk. This is one of the best bowls of laksa in the city, generously lathered with curry paste, chilis and belacan shrimp paste plus chunks of tofu, bean sprouts, and shrimp or chicken. E , Toronto, , gourmetmalaysia. This mom-and-pop shop in Scarborough specializes in Malaysian street food and desserts. Their take on the national noodle dish is a heaping mixture of ho fun and yellow noodles tossed with bean sprouts, spicy shrimp, green onions, and fish cake.

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Also try the laksa — punching with heat and complexity, it's a good ambassador for the flavour layering that's a signature of Malaysian food. One2 Snacks, 8 Glen Watford Dr. Very similar to Indian roti prata or paratha , roti canai is like a dense croissant, crunchy on the outside, warm and tender on the inside. The dough is mixed with ghee, milk, sugar and margarine before being aggressively kneaded and rolled into a rope-like shape.

It's then cooked on a greased skillet, where it develops a buttery crust. The best version here comes with curry beef, a creamy curry that punches with layers of heat, absorbed by tender chunks of beef and potato.

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