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The group worked towards production of bioethanol, biogas, biohydrogen, superabsorbent, acetone and butanol, and other bioproducts.

Feasibility study, pilot plant development, optimization, technology transfer, and guiding the investors for production of biological products are among the activities of the group. Since , the group supported or contributed to the publication of more than 30 scientific papers in these fields.

In recent years, use of biotechnology for ecosystem monitoring and remediation, and studying the genetic diversity was taken more attention due to its economical and environmental advantages. Environmental Biotechnology Research Group EBRG was founded as a subdivision of center for biotechnology research in , in collaboration with department of natural resources, Isfahan University of Technology.

IBC Finland - IBC Finland

The main research areas of EBRG are the bioremediation of polluted environments, environmental impact assessment using bioindicators and biomonitoring methods, aquatic biotechnology, ecotoxicology, conservation and population genetics as well as gene and sperm bank establishment. This group is found in and is aimed to establish a relation between Electrical and Computer Engineering and Medicine.

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Submission of articles containing advanced research output aiding in forwarding the subject are most welcome. This published work is freely available for the readers.

Scientists, researchers and readers advance their work, by accessing these articles. A common problem associated with the use of renewable resources on an industrial scale relates to the huge financial and technological cost.

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Many companies have developed attractive products in the laboratory, but fail to turn them into technical applications. Institutions like the Fraunhofer Centre for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP in Leuna support partners from research and industry in their efforts to transfer new technologies to an industrial scale.

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The CBP provides infrastructure and pilot plants that enable its partners to develop biotechnological processes that utilise renewable resources on an industrial scale. The CBP is currently transferring a chemical-enzymatic process for the production of epoxides from plant oils to industrial scale.

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Epoxides are used for the production of grease and emulsifiers for washing agents and detergents. In comparison with conventional processes, white biotechnology processes run under relatively mild reaction conditions. Moderate temperatures and the use of aqueous media reduce the energy requirements and the number of problematic by-products. Since product concentration and formation rate are often very low, the resulting products need to be purified and recovered in marketable quantities in a process that is referred to as downstream processing.

Product quantity can also be increased by optimising the manufacturing processes or biocatalysts used, for example by enhancing important metabolic activities, switching off less important ones metabolic engineering or optimising enzymes by directed evolution enzymatic engineering.

Advances in Industrial biotechnology

White biotechnology uses renewable resources such as carbohydrates from cereals, corn and sugar beet or vegetable oils from sunflowers, rapeseed and oil palms. Increasing efforts are also being made to use waste products as raw materials. The energy supplier badenova operates a biomethane plant in the city of Eschbach and uses male corn plants as fermentation substrate. The male corn plants are simply used to pollinate female corn plants and are then removed from the field once they have fulfilled their purpose. The plant produces methane from fruit and vegetable waste.