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IT IS the biggest question in the universe: are we alone? Philosophers have debated the question for millennia. The debate continues , in more restrained fashion, to this day. For some, the sheer size of the universe makes it unlikely that life formed only once.

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For others, the remarkable complexity of life on Earth is testament to its uniqueness. Until recently, vague philosophical answers of this kind were the best science could do. The signs of life were far too ambiguous to pin down for certain, and our nearest potentially habitable worlds were too small and distant to test. But for the first time in human history we are reaching the technological sophistication needed to provide a genuine answer. Powerful telescopes are letting us study planets in other solar systems, giving us a glimpse into their atmospheres and a flavour of what type of life might be living on their surfaces.

At the same time, improved analysis of our own planet is allowing us to redefine what life might look like from afar, and is helping us to distinguish the signs of a flourishing alien civilisation from the mere geological rumblings of a lifeless world.

I thought, "Dang, this is some good insight, I'll ignore the pretentiousness of the writing--the way she assumes because she's well-known and wealthy, her idle thoughts on the world will give the rest of us something to ponder. Excuse me, Ms. Do you understand that the dollar doesn't go very far anymore?

That the price of an apple has increased?

And okay, that's awesome you don't live your life in debt and never have, but then you launch into how you were shopping at Tiffany's and someone says "Buy both, you can afford it! Have you given any thought to how shitty that sounds to your readers who have to choose between buying shoes for their kids and buying groceries? I suppose I should abandon my home in a decent part of town and live in an high crime rate area because the rent is cheaper.

That way I won't have to go into debt for the shoes or groceries or prescriptions. I can just live under the threat of my family being assulted, robbed, or killed instead. I'm so happy for Oprah's success. I'm happy that she came from nothing and made something of herself. I'm happy that she's been rewarded for her tenacity with money. I would appreciate her more if she didn't put out tripe that is self-adulating and out of touch to the majority of people who admire her.

I'd been prepared to give this 4. View all 7 comments. A friend borrowed me a copy of this book; telling me I HAVE to read this; that it changed her thinking overnight. So I obliged and read it.

For Sure

And man, it does change the way you think. I will need my own copy, because this book will be highlighted and margin noted like none before. It will be read and re-read ever so often. I can't say I've ever been a fan of Oprah Winfrey. I'm not a TV person and though I know about her, I've never considered reading one of her book. This I realize now was a mistake A friend borrowed me a copy of this book; telling me I HAVE to read this; that it changed her thinking overnight.

This I realize now was a mistake.

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What I Know for Sure is that if you need a bit of a lift in life read this book, you will find something in there that speak to you. View 1 comment. I know this is something I will be referring to constantly. My holy grail, my own personal bible.

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I mean, it's Oprah. There's so much she has experienced of the world and she shares her lessons through this wonderful book. View 2 comments. Mar 15, WhatIReallyRead rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , physical-book , read-in-english , spiritual , self-help , memoir. In this book, Oprah does her thing. I mean, what do you imagine, when you picture a book written by Oprah? Well, this is exactly it. She's in her element. I'm pretty sure a book like this written by any other author would piss me off. But when Oprah does it, it feels good to read it. Oprah's writings feel In this book, Oprah does her thing.

Oprah's writings feel so maternal and kind, they turn your skepticism right off, for no reason I can name. It feels like a hot cocoa on a rainy day, like a hug to the soul. Jan 10, Liz Lazarus rated it it was amazing. What I Know For Sure is like spring-cleaning for the soul. I listened to the audio version of this book - it was an extra treat to hear Oprah read it. I found myself bookmarking so many of her valuable life lessons and will likely listen to it again. View all 4 comments.


I'm not an Oprah fan, yet I found this book to be thoroughly humanizing. A great work of literature? No, but it's not meant to be. It is a deep cleansing breathe.


May 27, Zaira rated it liked it. Sep 16, Aya Abassi rated it it was amazing Shelves: pleasure-to-read , remarkable-books. I bought this book at the airport while in England, I started reading it on my way back home. I've always admired and loved Oprah Winfrey and I even fell more in love with her after reading this book. This is simply a must read book, a great gift , and a pleasure to read.

Truly recommend it. May 14, Reem Ghabbany rated it really liked it. I so enjoyed this! I didn't want it to end! I loved reading these articles. Dec 28, Runwright rated it really liked it. This small book is a compendium of truths that Oprah has learned from her own experiences. There were many sections I want to save and reread but I think the last entry sums up everything she wrote about earlier. Happiness is never something you get from other people. You lead life; it doesn't lead you. Be loving to yourself and others and see that love reciprocated.

Today I try to do well and be well with everyone I encounter. Everything will be returned to me and the same is true for you. What This small book is a compendium of truths that Oprah has learned from her own experiences.