File interchange handbook for images, audio, and metadata

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Save Image Information as IPTC Metadata using PHP

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Opens the Metadata window, where information about the session can be saved. Opens the Import windows, to add media to the session.

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Exports each track as its own audio file for e. DAW interchange. As of 1.

File Interchange Handbook for Images, Audio, and Metadata

The metadata format plugin is useful for querying a large number of image files stored in a distributed file system. You do not have to build a metadata repository in advance.

Since each type of metadata has a different set of fields, the plugin returns a set of commonly-used fields, such as the image width, height, and bits per pixels for ease of use. To configure Drill to read image metadata, you must modify the extensions section in the dfs storage plugin configuration, as shown:. Note: The result does not include file names, but you can use implicit columns to get file names, full paths, fully qualified names, and file suffixes.

The Session Menu

Image Metadata Format Plugin. GPSLatitude as lat, t. GPSLongitude as lon from dfs. Other names appearing on the site may be trademarks of their respective owners. Set to true to extract filesystem metadata including the file size and the last modified timestamp, false otherwise.

Set to true to extract metadata in a human-readable string format. Set false to extract metadata in a machine-readable typed format. Specify the time zone to interpret the timestamp with no time zone information. If the timestamp includes the time zone information, this value is ignored.

If null is set, the local time zone is used. The second least significant byte is used for major revisions, and the least significant byte for minor revisions. New subfile type: 0 Full-resolution Image 1 Reduced-resolution image 2 Single page of multi-page image 3 Single page of multi-page reduced-resolution image 4 Transparency mask 5 Transparency mask of reduced-resolution image 6 Transparency mask of multi-page image 7 Transparency mask of reduced-resolution multi-page image.

Indicates whether pixel components are recorded in chunky or planar format: 1 Chunky or 2 Planar. Mathematical operator that is applied to the image data before an encoding scheme is applied: 1 None or 2 Horizontal differencing. Positioning of subsampled chrominance components relative to luminance samples: 1 Centered or 2 Co-sited. Pair of headroom and footroom image data values codes for each pixel component. Class of the program used by the camera to set exposure when the picture is taken: 1 Manual control 2 Program normal 3 Aperture priority 4 Shutter priority 5 Program creative slow program 6 Program action high-speed program 7 Portrait mode 8 Landscape mode.

Channels of each component are arranged in order from the 1st component to the 4th specific to compressed data. Keywords or comments on the image besides those in ImageDescription, and without the character code limitations of the ImageDescription tag. Acceleration a scalar regardless of direction as the ambient situation at the shot. Camera or input device spatial frequency table and SFR values in the direction of image width, image height, and diagonal direction, as specified in ISO Number of pixels in the image width direction per FocalPlaneResolutionUnit on the camera focal plane.

Number of pixels in the image height direction per FocalPlaneResolutionUnit on the camera focal plane. Image sensor type: 1 Not defined 2 One-chip color area sensor 3 Two-chip color area sensor 4 Three-chip color area sensor 5 Color sequential area sensor 7 Trilinear sensor 8 Color sequential linear sensor. Color filter array CFA geometric pattern of the image sensor when a one-chip color area sensor is used.

Special processing on image data, such as rendering geared to output: 0 Normal process or 1 Custom process. Exposure mode set when the image was shot: 0 Auto exposure , 1 Manual exposure or 2 Auto bracket.

Download File Interchange Handbook: For Professional Images, Audio And Metadata

White balance mode set when the image was shot: 0 Auto white balance or 1 Manual white balance. Type of scene that was shot: 0 Standard , 1 Landscape , 2 Portrait or 3 Night scene. Degree of overall image gain adjustment: 0 None , 1 Low gain up , 2 Low gain down , 3 High gain up or 4 High gain down. Direction of contrast processing applied by the camera when the image was shot: 0 None , 1 Soft or 2 Hard.