Action Research in Practice: Partnership for Social Justice in Education

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Contact: Karlyn R.

Action Research in Practice: Partnership for Social Justice in Education | Deakin University

This SIG takes an interdisciplinary, lifespan perspective on learning and instruction among diverse populations. Contact: Amy H. Contact: Cynthia M. This SIG addresses all ethnoliguistically diverse groups. Contact: Veronica E. Contact: Anica G. Contact: Eugene Gary Kowch, Jr.

To achieve these purposes, the SIG includes among its goals the promotion of quality research into classroom assessment practices, using all legitimate research approaches and methods, and the active collaboration with other SIGs and AERA divisions who share an interest in promoting research into classroom assessment. Contact: Kathy L. Contact: Roger T. We promote research, teaching, and activism centered on cultural, racial, linguistic, political, and economic self-determination within our classrooms, schools, and communities.

A significant objective of CESJ is to promote communication and collaboration among critical educators and researchers working in public schools, universities, and community education programs. We believe that education, as a form of critical understanding, plays a crucial role in transforming society. Contact: Malik S. The SIG de-stabilizes commonly held boundaries of educational research beyond contemporary curriculum discourses.

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Members pursue curriculum inquiry using critical perspectives, and performative, auto-ethnographic and conceptual approaches to ask sociocultural, political, and theoretical questions. Contact: Brian D. Gaches otago.

Contact: Pedro R. Contact: Caroline R. Contact: Patrick M. Jenlink, Stephen F. Contact: Danielle M. Contact: Martha J. Contact: Kristin L. The SIG will act as a catalyst for the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum built upon the foundation that Eisner established.

Action Research in Practice: Partnership for Social Justice in Education

Contact: Robert H. Stupnisky und. Contact: Patricia A. What key changes are occurring in doctoral and research education? What opportunities do these changes present for challenging previous pedagogies and developing new ones? We will work to build a research community that engages with practitioners in organizing groups, educational institutions and policy-making circles. The purpose of the SIG is the accumulation and interpretation of research findings associated with CAEP accreditation, state review processes, or assessment and evaluation of the graduates of educator preparation programs and the quality of the programs themselves.

Diana B. Action Research SIG 2. The Action Research SIG builds community among those who are engaged in action research and those who teach others to do action research. Andrea C. Action Research.

Students as Radical Agents of Change

To bring together educators, researchers, and youth advocates interested in examining ways to improve upon the experiences, behaviors, and perceptions of adolescence and youth as they develop over time. Karlyn R. Adolescence and Youth Development. Dedicated to research development, policy, and practice in adult literacy and adult education.

Adult Literacy and Adult Education. To advance knowledge of the contexts and practices of education through facilitating awareness and understanding of the rigorous research methods required for valid and reliable analysis of national and state level databases. Amy H. Advanced Studies of National Databases. To design new technologies that structure educational environments and transform educational practice, and to help the AERA community understand and influence the use of advanced technologies.

Cynthia M.

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Arts and Learning SIG 8. Recent themes include: arts performance and process in curriculum; arts integration, assessment, and criticism; cultural issues; semiotics creative process; aesthetic education; alternative research methodologies; and constructivism. Arts and Learning. To provide a community for those who view education through artistic lenses, who use a variety of arts-based methodologies, and who communicate understandings through diverse genres. To promote research in bilingual education and to provide a forum for innovative approaches in this field of inquiry.

Veronica E. Bilingual Education Research. To explore methodological issues in biographical and documentary research. Biographical and Documentary Research. Provides a venue for research in the neurosciences that may inform and inspire educational research, and for rigorous educational research thus informed. Brain, Neurosciences, and Education.

To encourage, conduct, coordinate, and disseminate research on education within and between Caribbean and African countries. Anica G. Caribbean and African Studies in Education. Catholic Education SIG To support, promote, and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of Catholic education written from a diverse set of perspectives, including interdisciplinary and international issues.

Catholic Education. To apply, advance, and extend chaos and complexity theories to inquiry, research, and theory related to educational contexts. Eugene Gary Kowch, Jr. To promote and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of charter schools written from a diverse set of perspectives. Classroom Assessment SIG The purposes of the SIG are to promote student learning through improved classroom assessment practices; to assist teachers in improving their classroom assessment practices and understand why it is essential to do so.

Classroom Assessment. Classroom Management SIG To promote research on classroom organization and management, alternative discipline models, group and learner social interactions, and approaches to teacher education. Zanny Alter is a school counselor deeply committed to questions of equity and justice in schools. Currently, she works with high school students whose wisdom and potential exceed their school-based performance by providing social, emotional, and academic support during the regular school day. Prior to receiving her school counseling license, Alter worked in the School District of Philadelphia, where she supported community partnerships between high schools and universities focused on college access, community arts, and social justice.

She is committed to research and practice that focus on the interactions of youth voice, inequity, and empowerment. Uneasy Peace Patrick Sharkey. The Newcomers Helen Thorpe. Gretchen Brion-Meisels and Zanny Alter.